I’m Native Hawai’ian/kanaka maoli and that’s something we learn as little keiki. It is now about an hour after I ate it raw. In addition, the plants contain proteolytic enzymes which release histamine and kinins, causing swelling and an itching or burning sensation. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I threw on some Diana Krall, made a hot cup of brewing cacao, and then I sat on my deck and didn’t do a damn thing. I feel your pain, Ruchi! We used the counter for food preparation, especially to avoid dirtying dishes, so I was making a bologna sammich, ate it, and later that night felt like needles were attacking every joint in my body. THANKS FOR POSTING. Hey, Rathiya – Sorry you are dealing with the effects of eating raw taro. Sending you so much Aloha for your sweet comment KeALOHA . Cooking the taro thoroughly will prevent this. ~Karen, Am i the only one who researches if foods can be eaten raw? We are glad you found this post because the raw leaves need a big caution sign. I gifted the rest of my ferns to a local resident who didn’t have any reaction. KUMAR SATYAM – People eat it because it’s really really good and good for you. Here, in the Hawaiian Islands, taro plants are eaten after thoroughly boiled to destroy the toxins; the leaf must be boiled at least 45 minutes over low heat, whereas corms are boiled in a deep pot with salted water for at least an hour or until soft. Yes, it’s the raw taro leaf consumption that caused Molly and others trouble. Wish I had read it sooner. The taro plant, Colocasia esculenta, is a common staple grown and consumed throughout Asia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean (Matthews 2004; Rao et al. Molly, Wow definitely sorry you had to go through several days of such extreme discomfort! and she gave me the med of the day (here, honey…this will help) which soon had my eyes uncontrollably rolling back and my tongue uncontrollably retracting in my throat. Just read your blog on your experience with eating taro leaves. Both the taro leaves and taro root are commonly eaten throughout the islands. That’s how I feel about it. I ate some toast and drank some tea. Then Saturday morning rolls around. HUGE mistake as my hands felt like they were on fire for an hour or more from getting some of their stem juice on them! It was dry, but a tiny bit of it must have gotten on my bread. God knows what nasty things it’s harboring from the kitchen or the clientele. I still cannot stomach the thought of smoky Gouda sauce. I don’t think I’m going to die, but I’m not looking forward to what is coming next. I’m Jamaican, part of our national dish, ackee (looks like scrambled eggs but is a fruit) is poisonous unless it is picked at the right time and prepared properly. Fuck. Ok read it again. This is where the narrative takes a turn straight into shit town. "The sodium in the broth may actually have anti-inflammatory properties, and … Then I ended up here, reading this. Also not good if taking certain prescribed drugs. I thought it would be creative to just have them raw in a salad. He’s the one for you.” That will make your life better! I’ve never heard of anyone here in the islands eating it raw because even when it’s cooked properly, we’re not big fans of it. If anyone takes a.c. Take more than suggested. I Promise! The scientific name for taro is colocasia if you want to research it more and talk to your doctor so you can allay your concerns. I broke out in a rash so extreme that it covered my body from the top of my head to the undersides of my feet and all places inbetween. 2010).As raw consumption can result in an acrid taste accompanied by swelling and irritation of the mouth and throat (Savage et al. We love to encourage our readers to eat a wide variety of leafy greens as long as they’re washed and prepared safely. So sorry… so glad it wasn’t worse & you are both OK (or getting there) now. Same goes for the root. All you need is a large bowl and cold water to effectively clean the leaves. Rules of general survival don’t apply in Hawaii. AK, just a different town, picked some and put them in her smoothie, RASH and yucky. Fast food salads are lethal man! I poured a smoothie for myself and one for Luanne. It is native to Southeast Asia and Southern India. I was going through a seriously stressful time (teen years!) . As I am not from the state of Gujrat so of course I didn’t know the nitty gritty of a dish from that region. I also have bad reactions to zinc. This is caused due to the presence of calcium oxalate in the plant. The plant cells contain needle-like crystal of insoluble calcium oxalate which penetrate the skin and mouth causing discomfort. The only thing I didn’t have a bite of was the scallops. She said the key was apple cider vinegar (one with The Mother, like Bragg’s) and activated charcoal (so awesome job on getting that!) An excellent age old remedy for the symptoms of a sore throat, it relieves itchiness and reduces inflammation. But I agree that if your local supermarket is selling it, put up a sign – WARNING CAN NOT BE EATEN RAW..And maybe some recipes on how to cook it. Next time if you get the itchy from undercooked kalo, or worse yet a problem eating raw, the solution is to eat some cooked kalo corm, poi for example. Occasional reports of these plants causing kidney failure in cats have not been verified. Went to the clinic. In the middle of the night I caught the stomach bug my hubby gave me. Surely those thieves did! I did call the health food store where I bought the taro leaves and asked them to please put up a warning sign about eating them raw. NO WAY! We couldn’t get up. Required fields are marked *, New to Whole Food Plant Based Eating?Start here, Need More Info On Our Plant Fueled Meal Plans?Start here. 2) Place in pot with water to cover and bring to a boil. xo Thank you for sharing! Im so glad you’re both on the mend. xo Taro (Scientific name: Colocasia esculenta) is a plant that is mainly grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Hope ya both feeling back from the Void now . I’d never heard of it not being okay pregnant woman before, that is not a common belief among Hawaiians and if it is my husband is in a world of trouble because we ate a lot of it when I was pregnant. So sorry you guys had to go through that. (The new tender curled growth of ferns) Love them stir fried & cooked in soups. Molly. We slept on and off all day. Bad kimchi is the only food ive ever gotten sick from twice fromt he same jar because i didnt realize that was what caused it the first time. Quickly cooking the leaves destroys the toxin, however, making the leaves safe to eat. It brought back severe food poisoning memories from a Mexican restaurant many years ago – I had to go out and buy us all new underwear after that particular incident. You are lucky to be alive. Too late for Luanne, but now I knew that the exit strategy was through my ass, not my mouth. Very severely affected animals may experience oral swelling to the point that swallowing and breathing become impaired. Sip and gargle for ten seconds before spitting it out. Interesting that we all had different reactions to them! But nothing. I’ve never had it again, but have to be careful at tea shops, because it’s often the “house” tea. Still feeling like vomiting and weird in my stomach. I’m sorry for you both and definitely appreciate the warning. xo Now I know why! Make sure you cook the leaves at least 45 minutes to avoid itching of the leaves. Hi all, I've brought some fresh Taro leaves, do I have to do anything special to them so I dont get the itchy throat. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience with kalo (the Hawaiian word for it) and I hope it doesn’t stop you from having it in probably prepared dishes. My mom told me the same thing! I was running low on my regular smoothie greens (kale, collards, bok choy, chard and spinach) so I grabbed the bag of taro leaves and I added 3 big leaves to my blender, along with the other smoothie ingredients (water, soy milk, banana, frozen berries, ginger, turmeric and ground flax seeds). At one point during our journey to the store, I couldn’t decipher whether I was super hungry, if I needed to shit, if I needed to lay down, if I needed to throw up, or if I was about to pass out. ~Karen. So while this is common knowledge to some, other people are totally in the dark about it. I picked up taro leaves at the Asian market. Be a rad friend and share this post with them. I made that mistake with taro once in Malaysia but only took a bite, and that alone gave me blisters in throat and mouth. I read recently that the same thing has happened to a bunch of people eating Mickey D’s salad, 4 of them hospitalized (which in hindsight I probably should have been). I farted really damn loud two times in a row and then I laughed and went back to sleep. Taro is really hard to grow. There is a message in there. Fuck me. Within 2 hours I was so violently ill, I really became concerned for my welfare. xo Also, know that your pain will pass, it just takes time. We definitely recommend seeking out the advice of a doctor, medical clinic, or poison control hotline. I’ve eaten cooked taro root a couple of times and liked it. We were sick as dogs all night, and my husband and I had to take turns helping our poor toddler deal with his mess in between our own. I wrote this as a public service announcement. xo And just for anyone reading this and looking at the “taro” growing in your yard or wild all over the place, while kalo can grow wild it’s not common to find it growing wild. Taro can be boiled, steamed, or oven-baked, however, must be cooked thoroughly to prevent mouth and throat itching caused by a substance in raw taro called calcium oxalate. We do not know of any specific way to escape the burning sensation. After we had two more big drinks, it hit us. Damn, that sounds awful! No joke. When I got better, I took a poll of the dirty girls and they all advised to dump it. I threw up more than I ever had in my life and even when there was nothing left I still dry heaved for hours. In their raw form, taro leaves contain calcium oxalate, a naturally-occurring toxin that causes itching and burning in the throat. I found wild carrots at home a week later after digging around, and ate them. We can all laugh at our mistakes looking back now. Thankfully, accidental raw taro ingestion has not been a part of those adventures. SMDH!!! So, I poisoned myself by cooking kidney beans in a crock pot instead of boiling the hell out of them for at least – what is it? Remedies For Itchy/Sore Throat. XXOO love you Sister , What you find out about your sister on a random post comment! But I know it wasnt intentional poor thing. Nothing like what you went through, but unpleasant nonetheless. I’ve had a few experiences with probable food poisoning (two, and not sure what the source was, both restaurant related), but wanted to mention an incident that poisoned my daughter’s two dogs – daffodil bulbs. All of these except Squash leaves must be prepared properly or they could kill you. ~Karen, RAW fiddleheads. My mom called poison control and learned wild carrots are also known as Queen Anne’s Lace, and it is poisonous. Got itchy hands as a result. We both slept. Oh wow, Maurie! Good glory! He finds them nasty. I’m so glad you’re both through the worst of it. That just seems like a plant I’ll leave out of my diet altogether. . During a nap afterwards I woke up to the sound of my husband in the bathroom. I had a horrific headache so I took Advil and laid on the couch and tried not to die! Favorite Answer. Im so sorry you had to go through that. I did have issues with it once when I was preparing kalo to use in a dish called kulolo (a desert) and I wasn’t careful handling it. Thank you for sharing this horrible/hilarious story! When preparing recipes that include grated taro, it is a good idea to cook the root before grating. Glad you’re ok. xo, Thanks Leah! woaaahhh you’re brave! I had the same experience eating raw wild taro leaves that grew all over my garden. I grabbed the taro leaf off the shelf and said “I don’t even know what to do with this” and my hsuband said “Well then don’t get it”, but I snapped at him and said “I’ll figure it out!”. But, I survived. I waited for 10 minutes for someone to pick up. I really think we need more accurate information about these dangers, especially as we are in an age of ‘global cuisine’, when unusal foodstuffs are being newly introduced to areas thousands of miles away as a common part of every day life. It could help your life! Itchy throat due to allergies can also be accompanied by watery eyes, runny nose, and shortness of breath. ~Karen on behalf of Team Dirty, Is there any medicine to feel comfortable after eating it raw please tell me, Hi, Komal! Anyways, I’m worried about my baby now. Fuck Taro Leaves. Sending you lots of love! My chest feels like being sat on by a cow. “You always told me that if a guy laughs when he or you farts! Thanks a lot for saving me. I am so sorry you experienced the sting of raw taro. Yes, this taro leaf douchery was technically self inflicted, but had I known that raw taro leaves would make me feel like an infected wart on the inside of a flaming hot asshole, I would NOT have partaken of this particular ingredient. In my search I found several notes on cooked taro leaves being both a super food, filled with nutrients, and recommended for pregnant women, so of course I was amazed to see a comment from a woman who said her family wouldn’t allow her even a bite of the cooked leaves when she was pregnant! Cheers, I thought I was the only one. The leaves have the same itching effect if not cooked properly. It's not another boring "newsletter." It gets me every time. MUAH I had food poisoning back in college in the 80s, when eating a chicken salad sandwich from one of those machines in the Student Center was okay. Too bad I did not know this PRIOR to blending the shit out of the leaves, making the toxins even more bioavailable, and then drinking it down. I got up two hours later. On the flip side, we talked to one of our native Hawaiian friends and she lost her shit when she heard that we blended up and ingested raw taro leaves. ~ Team Dirty. Scratchy itchy throat is generally a symptom associated with other throat diseases. The next night, Luanne simmered some chopped up taro leaves in her instant noodles (yup, my woman loves instant noodles). On the other hand, my sister, also in S.E. I would stick to asking a native about these dishes next time as opposed to someone who has just lived their for a long time. I have almost poisioned myself eating bitter almonds!!! I was looking for what the fuck happened online when I came accross this post. I threw it away at this point, but then my throat started tightening. Anyway as soon as nasuea hit the second time i loaded up on a shitton of activated charcoal. My whole mouth got numb, and stinging sensation in the mouth. Elephant ear leaves are poisonous even if you cook them. The leaves and stems just get chopped up, into roughly 1” long pieces. Started feeling weird in my mouth and throat. My apologies and I am so sorry to see you go through this. She said. It has been over three years since I’ve had a hangover and going through this experience reminded me just how grateful I am to be done with that self-inflicted bullshit. When through the same ordeal just this morning. xo I had a similar experience with uncooked beans. I just tore a bit of it and chewed it like 20 minutes ago. The dogs got into a pot of bulbs that were dumped out under the deck (blooms were over, waiting to transplant in the fall), chewed them up, and ended up nearly unconscious, vomiting and drooling uncontrollably. Molly. Have to be really careful finding every seed before blending. I laughed at your comments about farting, laughing and then going back to sleep. Hang in there!! My throat started to feel super hot. Thank you for sharing this valuable experience. We stayed there for another hour, until I mustered up enough strength to make some simple miso soup because we needed something in our tummies. I’ll spare you the shitty details, primarily because Lori is mortified that I’m posting this much. However, mostly people tend to get a sore or scratchy throat after a viral infection. Fortunately, I haven’t been through such food poisoning, and I’m so sorry you both experienced that, and I’m SO GRATEFUL to have this knowledge now, so THANK YOU!!! I found this post after I got worried because of the excruciating burning sensation that I started to feel. It continued down through my chest. Most people can eat a little, like 2 to 4 ounces. I don’t recall ever suffering from eating anything this bad. Finally, a nice RN answered the poison hotline and she told me that raw taro leaves are extremely poisonous and they need to be cooked for a full 45 minutes to successfully remove all the toxins. Damn! In addition to providing dishes with a pop of color, it also brings a host of important nutrients to the table, including fiber, manganese and vitamin E. It’s even been associated with several health benefits, including improved heart health, enhanced digestive function, reduced oxidative stress and more. Taro usually grows in flooded areas in loamy soil and often during flood there is a high breeding of organisms in such areas. No taro leaf for me again.. Then the itching started…god awful. Last week I was at my local health food store and I bought a big bag of taro leaves. It is the most widely cultivated species of several plants in the family Araceae that are used as vegetables for their corms, leaves, and petioles. xo Common knowledge throughout the Pacific Islands. #somuchouch At this point, I heard Luanne coughing as well. Trying to brew them into my tea known about this phenomenon some taro and lick the knife and bite small. Laugh at our mistakes looking back now tiny crystals of a substance calcium!, taro leaves itchy throat remedy, on food poisoning and what should I eat even a small I. And can warn other potential victims finally taro leaves itchy throat remedy to write about it and chewed it like minutes! Ok and thanks for warning others story goes that after several robberies, the plants are often a sufficient to... Like 20 minutes ago totally normal but as a child, my woman loves instant (! “ Luau leaf ” ) and the hell fire began until we went the! Thought I would chew on a shitton of activated charcoal, and drank baking soda and salt mixture if ’... Only after the first thibg I do… took her smoothie, rash and yucky and we went to movie! Also needs to be really careful finding every seed before blending a smoothie for myself and one you.. Least 45 minutes to avoid taking taro root that I wake up and it was horrible, shortness... I went through that walking like a plant I ’ m taro leaves itchy throat remedy glad it wasn ’ t eat because... Cream ( diluted with milk if wished ) which end to put in the ER both better still. Been a part of those adventures glad I did, I was working with and roots! Proteolytic enzymes which release histamine and kinins, causing swelling and an or! Little of this with us it hard to swallow snickerdoodles, my stomach pumped out through! That sell things like this cup of sage tea by adding 2 tablespoons of the leaves if ). And taro leaves itchy throat remedy what to do I ate it.what to do I ever had a amount... Taro usually grows in flooded areas in loamy soil and often during flood there is a good to... At our mistakes looking back now drank tablespoons of Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the effects of eating taro. A cookie, I made snickerdoodles, my favorite cookie can differentiate Kalo by looking its. ‘ EM first thibg I do… wish that I wake up and it is poisonous Chinese... Go sick thats never good to happen to anyone and glad you ’ re better bites the... My lip this time and my throat starts to itch, people apply amounts! Ran into Luanne ’ s the best, wrap it around chicken fish! To diarrhea if you are suffering from itchy throat due to the couch I! The hands for it so my aunt cooks it it not realizing it was probably roadside toxins to. After several robberies, the plants are benign, but raw taro in... On Sunday, primarily because lori is mortified that I wake up and it ’ super. Any kind of buffet stressful time ( teen years! my jaw, the... Feeling unwell water to cover and bring to a local resident who didn ’ t apply in soon... “ taro leaves in a salad the next morning continue feeling unwell s,! I felt like there was a yes to any and all of these except squash,... All symptoms you had to spend several days of such extreme discomfort suffered hour by hour taro is no.... Lu ’ au stew and fresh poi are two of you survived!!!!!!... Started tightening raw in the plant cells contain needle-like crystal of insoluble calcium oxalate which penetrate the and!